ING invites you to the very first edition of #INGLovesIT, a day packed with renowned speakers on the latest trends and developments in IT:

• Are you looking for the 'Do's and Don'ts' in Microservices?
• Do you work in Data Management and want to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments?
• Is it Devoops! or Devops?

Industry-leading speakers such as Mandi Walls (Chef), Simon Brown (Coding the Architecture) and Robert Saxby (Google) will answer these questions and many more at #INGLovesIT.
And if you have ever wondered how a financial business such as ING keeps ahead of the latest developments and innovations, ensuring that the ever-changing needs of their clients are met, do not miss out on Johan Kestens talk, Chief Information Officer ING Belgium who will be welcoming you on the day.

Read more on the programme and our speakers here


Escape Room

Are you a Puzzle Pro? Would you like to be one of the winners of our Virtual Escape Room tournament? Then download the event app and start solving the first puzzle. If you solve it before the 7th of April you’ll receive a special gift on the day of the event, when the escape room will turn into an interactive and immersive experience, making you 100% part of the game.

An email with download instructions to start the journey will be sent to you after registration.


Side events for Early Nerds

For Early Nerds, the ones of you keen to learn even more about the topics explored in the conference, we have an extra feature for you the day before the event.
On the 6th of April in the afternoon (around 14:00 cet) we will host 2 workshops related to the topics explored in the event. The workshops will take place at the ING Head Office in Bucharest. If you’d like to attend please check the box in the registration form to let us know. And we will follow up with you on the details for April 6th.

Only limited number of seats available per workshop so first come first served!


*UPDATE 16 March: The workshops are fully booked. No more seats available.


Workshop 1:

Docker Security Workshop by Adrian Mouat (Container Solutions)

Prerequisites: A WiFi-enabled laptop with access to SSH (You’ll be provided with a login to a cloud VM and need to be able to SSH into this machine. It’s not possible to follow along on a local instance due to the need to download large images.)

This course will explain how to secure a modern, microservice-based system. You will start by running and hacking into a vulnerable system, before switching roles and using various Docker tools and features to protect the system. While the tutorial focuses on Docker, the patterns and information can help secure any production container system.

Topics covered will include:
- Creating and running a simple container
- Based service
- Switching roles to attack and compromise the service
- Looking at how to respond to an attack
- Investigating various ways to improve the security of the system, including scanning images for vulnerabilities and limiting the privileges of running containers

Workshop 2:

Machine learning without a PhD by Robert Saxby (Google)

You will learn how to build and train a neural network using TensorFlow. Along the way, as we enhance our neural network to achieve 99% accuracy, we will also discover the tools of the trade that deep learning professionals use to train their models efficiently.
The workshop will including: TensorFlow, convolutional neural networks, training tips and tricks (incl: overfitting, dropout, learning rate decay...).



After the keynotes and talks we are sure you could use some refreshments and on the beatiful rooftop of Deschis Gatrobar some of Romanian's most famous DJ's will let us dance under the stars. ING Loves IT but we also love music!

And because the more the merrier, at registration you are welcome to put a name of a friend on the guest list for this great party.